This weapon was inspired by Morningstar who comes to us from Marvel Contest of Champions! Play as Morningstar and over 170 Marvel Characters by downloading the game FREE: Log in in the next two weeks and you’ll get a 2-Star Morningstar for FREE. (Once you get the game check your in-game inbox for your prize!)
Queen Haasen conquered and ruthlessly ruled over her kingdom of Languria with only a few mercenaries, and a demonic sword. But her people rebelled against the Queen’s reign of fire and blood, and sealed her within a mystical iron maiden to suffer for all time. When Mephisto offered her a chance for vengeance, the Prince of Lies granted her new life in the tortured form of her walking iron tomb, and the weapon for which she is named: Morningstar. In this episode of Make it Real, we attempt to bring this weapon to reality. But the question is, can the Hacksmith wield it effectively?
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0:00 Teaser
0:17 What are we doing?
1:33 Designing with Bogdan
2:04 Time to Make It Real
5:08 Sponsor
6:00 Build Continues
10:00 Glow of Souls
10:40 Final Details
11:20 The TEST!
13:50 VS Captain America
14:16 Outro
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  • Hacksmith Industries
    Hacksmith Industries

    This weapon was inspired by Morningstar who comes to us from Marvel Contest of Champions! Play as Morningstar and over 170 Marvel Characters by downloading the game FREE: Log in in the next two weeks and you’ll get a 2-Star Morningstar for FREE. (Once you get the game check your in-game inbox for your prize!)

    • Kunal Sinha Ray
      Kunal Sinha Ray

      You should open a weapon arsenal and also start selling something , realy soon you'll become Jeff Bezos

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      Flaparound FPV


    • SoCappy

      It wasent a morningstar

    • Adarsh Srinivasan
      Adarsh Srinivasan

      @Evan Meyer huh??

    • Adarsh Srinivasan
      Adarsh Srinivasan

      @Joshua Pittman that's kinda true not gonna lie

  • zjj9328

    Morningstar it is the sun because the sun is a star

  • The amazing plush masters
    The amazing plush masters

    Was I the only one worried for the shield

  • Cybrid2684

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    Renuka Balaji Gollagudem 143

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    Sean M

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    It’s Jaden

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    Galaxy Ace

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  • Twain

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    Benikrooni Fan

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  • marialiyubman

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  • Wayshowing Intuitive
    Wayshowing Intuitive

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  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

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  • Lyle Baumgaertner
    Lyle Baumgaertner

    There is a disturbing lack of gloves and clothing on some of those guys doing fab. Great work as usual though!

  • ItzSoulFire

    James, next time you use this, put a helmet on.

  • Wesley Thomas
    Wesley Thomas

    Ooh, you're lucky. Last time I did something like that, I ended up with a second-degree burn on my hand

  • Levi_Ackerman

    could you make an ODM gear from attack on titan

  • puncher88

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  • SlenderMyFav

    Looks like Rem Morning Star from Re zero

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  • Shawnda Whicker
    Shawnda Whicker

    '3:37' Hey! But it's much easier with 𝐙𝐮𝐩𝐓𝐢𝐩.𝐂𝐨𝐦 🌶️ as I know 💙

  • Flaparound FPV
    Flaparound FPV

    That was the most pathetic thing I've seen since light saber kid

  • FootballBoyReciever

    I wanna make stuff but my superpower isn't engineering

  • Magneticitist

    On Site Hazards Await

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    Harry Potter

    Morning star whip, very good Belmont

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    jeremy palmer

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    Joel H

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  • Zarin Loosli
    Zarin Loosli

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  • Jugantar

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  • D3ATHstalker

    though morningstar is a good weapon but the design made by kabam is very impractical

  • Deanna Lopez
    Deanna Lopez

    I just saw a house with using the weapon and when he was destroying the tower is really showing might’ve hit his head with the freaking MorningStar

  • Front Row at the Shit Show
    Front Row at the Shit Show

    13:12 I'm happy you didn't die James


    Can u make bibi's bat from brawl Stars game

  • RLG

    I think we should talk about him ALMOST DYING

  • Snevan

    The weapon isn’t going to kill you, grinding still while not wearing a respirator will though.

  • Your Nightmares Come True
    Your Nightmares Come True

    That is neither a morningstar nor a mace. It is a flail, pure and simple.

  • Casey Miller
    Casey Miller

    I thought this was the whip from castlevenia

  • Tom Bingham
    Tom Bingham

    Number 1. That’s not a morningstar. That’s a flail. Morningstars are similar to maces, but the heads are not fletched in shape as maces, rather a ball covered in spikes. Also.. 2. If he made a historically accurate flail, he would have been MUCH safer.

  • Ben Ballard
    Ben Ballard

    I can't help but think you should've got an Olympic hammer throwing athlete to wield that thing? They're used to the circular "wielding" motion when throwing the hammer and could give that thing the justice it deserves! Great make though! BTW don't you just wish there was a 3D printer that could print in metal? It'd make all those chain links easier to bevel...!

  • GMan

    When I read morning star I thought of the crappy whip from terraria

  • The Epic Troll War Robots
    The Epic Troll War Robots

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  • アニメのゴミ

    Is it just me, or was James being pretty stupid in this one? Touching metal that was just cut using a plasma cutter without giving it much time to cool off, without using any sort of protection, holding a lit flare up to his face and swinging it around like a toy (a lit flare can reach temperatures of 1,600 °C/2,900 °F), swinging around a fairly unpredictable and heavy metal Morningstar (not sure on the exact weight, but judging by the damage it cause to the cinder blocks, it could've easily fractured his skull) with minimal protection, and last but not least, swung it towards his colleague, while neither of them were wearing very much in terms of protection. (I know the person he was swinging the Morningstar at was blocking with a shield, but it was still more than a little unsafe.

  • Israel Anthony
    Israel Anthony


  • Daniels Channel No2
    Daniels Channel No2

    First lame vid,so far,destructive power was rly underwhelming a simple woodenclub would have done more dmg to the tv,i thing the prob comes from the swinging u actually need to do,invest way to much force for a little swing that then can only hit small force thats left from ur conversion of forces (hard to descriibe as none english speaker) but in the end a baseballbat or even ur fist ( if it wouldnt be soft) would hit harder. a more lighter morningstar(easier to swing) or the attached to the hilt version could do it tho.

  • abdiaziz abdikadir
    abdiaziz abdikadir


  • Aefoa Anemone
    Aefoa Anemone

    What a weapon! Would be much more useful it was about 1/3 or 1/2 smaller than the original one that's being used by that Marvel character.

  • Scott Appleton
    Scott Appleton

    You should use your weapons by using different weapons with it for example: shooting the Morningstar out of your Junk Jet (if it fits).

  • Xion Nation
    Xion Nation


  • v_2bx

    His joy at the destruction in the test is just unmatchable

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    Daniel Fullerton

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  • Dark Sentinel
    Dark Sentinel

    Three questions Hacksmith. What gauge is the metal, what type(iron, steel, stainless ect.) and based on the first two, why didn't you lower the amps and mig weld the chain? It would have been far easier.

  • Rahul Srikanth
    Rahul Srikanth

    Hey I play Mcoc ( MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS) & I have a 4 star morningstar who has not even won 1 game

  • joseph mathew
    joseph mathew

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  • Mohammad Abdallah
    Mohammad Abdallah

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  • Tako Cultist
    Tako Cultist

    I'm sorry the game looks soooo bed

    • Keith Hopkins
      Keith Hopkins

      Lol I play it and trust me the graphics aren't that bad as in the video lol

  • happycanadianguy

    Who funds your company?

  • Forrest Sloan
    Forrest Sloan

    I’ve been playing MCOC for 5 years. No one levels up Civil Warrior.

  • CosworthsMerryMen

    How were you able to close the one open link? It was made of metal so, wtf?

  • Jeenath Jariya
    Jeenath Jariya


  • Hayden Giroux
    Hayden Giroux

    This thing could be used to bust in doors for the SWAT lol

  • For The Love Of Fitness
    For The Love Of Fitness

    This is amazing. I'm glad I started watching videos about amputees with bionic limbs as ALgone recommend this channel and now I'm getting to see some amazing videos !


    The wet moat objectively cause because vermicelli anteriorly crush towards a ambiguous frog. careful, abashed plain

  • Incredible World
    Incredible World

    What is the app or program you guys are using for designing, please I am a very big fan of yours and you are my inspiration, please can I know

  • Rishaan Guduru
    Rishaan Guduru

    13:25 That was so cool!

  • Foxxure

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  • Manfred Studios
    Manfred Studios

    This mornig Star looks like the morning Star of the Witch King of angmar

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  • Fernando Rodrigues
    Fernando Rodrigues

    Overwatch Briggite's weapon and shield

  • cerebrus prime
    cerebrus prime

    i call bs that thing would've cracked his head in half when it hit him......

    • Hacksmith Industries
      Hacksmith Industries

      It hit my shoulder and left a scar

  • cerebrus prime
    cerebrus prime

    how do grown men have the voice of a 13 year old...?????

    • Hacksmith Industries
      Hacksmith Industries

      What are you 6 years old?

  • Vikrant ShiShoDia
    Vikrant ShiShoDia

    Really close ..

  • Anish S Nair
    Anish S Nair

    Can you suggest some sites or apps from where I can learn electronics from scratch for free? Cause in the other video you told that u got most of the ideas from net.

  • Bob Tracksuit
    Bob Tracksuit

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  • Reni Myers
    Reni Myers

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  • [E115] Calista
    [E115] Calista

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  • Sasikala Sasikala T V
    Sasikala Sasikala T V

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    Luca Fox

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  • Ireallydontcare -_-
    Ireallydontcare -_-

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    Benny soh

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    Ahnaful Hoque

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    8:01 James could be, HowtoBasic but with Metals....

  • Art Den Team
    Art Den Team

    Let Us Airbrush one of Your Projects. We are from London Ontario